We have the experience and the responsibility in performing the funeral activity in order to help you in difficult moments

We undertake to take care of the deceased and prepare the burial or the cremation based on the standards of good business and in accordance with current regulations for the activity of provision of funeral services.


FUNERAL COMPANY ‘MON AME INTERNACIONAL’ offers you a complete service of organizing funerals or cremations at affordable prices. 

The funeral cost only depends on your choice of equipment. We offer a wide range of high quality funeral equipment, both from the local market and from abroad, at the best prices.


We guarantee the quality of the merchandise and the services we provide. Our team of people will help you in difficult moments to organize a funeral or cremation without leaving your home.

Our company signed a contract with the Pension Fund of the Republic of Serbia, so we reduce the cost of funeral expenses in the amount determined by the Disability and Pension Fund’s Act.

Our services are available to you 24 hours, seven days a week
Funeral Company
Mon Ame Internacional
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Mon Ame Internacional Doo Beograd
Tel:  +381 11 423 0803
Mob: +381 60 60 80 066, +381 64 32 91 901,
E-mail: moname.internacional@gmail.com
Address: Narodnog fronta 33, 11050 Belgrade, Serbia

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Identification number: 21280933
VAT: 109991658
Activity code: 9603
Activity name
: Funeral and related activities
Account: 160-470661-25 Banka Intesa Beograd

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